VIVO Pink Deluxe Height Adjustable Children's Desk and Chair Set with light and book holder (SHIP TO US ONLY)

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New deluxe height adjustable smart desk for children (DESK-V402B) from VIVO. This interactive desk and chair station combine fun and safety for kids of varying age and size! Perfect for kids' rooms, study areas, and more, DESK-V402B features an adjustable gas spring tilting surface (from 0 to 50 degrees) made of sturdy PP grade plastic, and an organized pull out drawer for storing papers, coloring books, coloring utensils, and more. Underneath the desk's surface is a 1" stopper to prevent little hands from being pinched when the desk is being tilted. The surface of the desk measures 31" x 24". Both chair and desk have a sturdy steel frame and are both height adjustable to keep up with your fast growing child. The top of the desk can be adjusted from 21" to 28" and the seat of the chair adjusts from 12" to 17".

Healthy habits:
This set is ergonomically designed for comfortable sitting and proper body positioning which is important in maintaining good health even from a young age. This desk and chair station is recommended for ages 3-10. Initial desk setup takes only a short time and once assembled is easy to move around.

Additional Features:
• Desktop touch lamp with 3 levels of brightness
• Embedded table box for pens and pencils to reduce clutter
• Gas spring surface tilt, up to 50 degrees
• Curved desk and chair supports for extra legroom
• Side cup holder for added storage
• Metal book stand that holds books, papers, and tablets